Freelancing pros & cons

I’ve been a freelancer for exactly a year now, I thought I’d share a little bit about freelancing how is it for me and it may be useful for someone who is just starting out and can learn from my experience, or can help see if this lifestyle is the right one for you.

It’s a really trendy thing to be a freelancer these days, but let’s take a closer look at what exactly this means and what skills are good to have if you choose this path.

You’re sure to be free, and it doesn’t hurt to be a good swimmer either, because the waves will surely come without stopping.

Long days, difficult to create work-life balance – CON

People don’t talk a lot about this, but just because you start working as a fresh freelancer rarely means you have more free time… In fact… You have to build trust with your ideal clients, which certainly comes with lots of sacrifices

You are the boss – PRO & CON

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage & I don’t think its advantages need to be discussed, but ask yourself and be critical:  “Am I being a good leader?”… It’s easy to scold our boss as an employee, but if we were in that situation, would we act a better way?

Forget your comfort zone – work doesn’t end at your chosen profession– CON

You should be aware that in addition to your profession, you also do marketing, selling, billing, contacting, and ongoing relationship building. It is also important to see here that we alone are solely responsible for our mistakes in any area.

Get used to the lows – PRO & CON

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, as a freelance, you simply have to get used to the feeling of constant insecurity. You can’t predict what a period will bring, a lack of customers or an abundance of customers, making it even harder financially to plan that way.

Lifelong learning – PRO

With enough self-criticism, from each experience and project, be it positive or even negative, you can learn and develop a lot. In addition, in order to stay competitive, it is essential that you train yourself continously

Forget the concept of leave and allowance –  CON

You have to take care of these and include them in the price of your services.

Endless networking opportunities – PRO

As a freelancer, if you don’t go for the job, no one will give it to you. It follows that you have to constantly build and nurture relationships, which I think is a super thing by the way and also overwrites the stereotype that you will be lonely, isolated. Sure, you’re alone in your business at the end of the day, but that’s okay anyway.

Strausz Johanna

Végtelen kapcsolatépítési lehetőségek – PRO

Szabadúszóként, ha te nem mész a munkáért, senki nem fogja neked adni. Ebből következik, hogy folyamatosan kapcsolatokat kell építeni, ápolni, ami egyébként szerintem egy szuper dolog és meg is cáfolja a sztereotípiát, hogy magányos, izolált leszel. Persze, a nap végén egyedül vagy a vállalkozásodban, de ez így is van rendjén.

Strausz Johanna