“When an idea meets a new project, the thought becomes blessed and immediately turn into inspiration. From here, not only does the creative process become exciting, but the product/service itself is reborn. ”

I’m Johanna Strausz and this is the moment why I love my profession. And this moment happens when the customer’s demand and my creative style fit well together. To do this, of course, I need to know the customer, because we could only create a something awesome if I managed to feel his ideas.

I did my higher education in Denmark, in a business school. In the education in this country, they put a lot of emphasis on putting the theory into immediate practice.. Therefore, I was able to develop the need for creative thinking in a very effective environment.

I tried my wings in many areas, from drawing, modeling to confectionery, for a very long time I really enjoyed creating both on these beaty/creative fields. In addition, from doing competitive sports – swimming, synchronized swimming, running – I gained qualities such as maximalism, endurance, humility.

Finally, on a family line, I found myself in the world of marketing at an American but Hungarian-owned company, where I have been involved in project management, planning and applying marketing strategies on a daily basis for 4 years.

My creative nature intuitively led me to the world of design,which first became my passion then my profession. I can now apply all my experience so far, it is close to my childhood dream work which is interior designing and, being a freelancer/entrepereneur myself I can understand and may even experience your goals and barriers.

If you would like to work with me or have any questions about my work, do not hesitate to contact me.