21 tips for empath entrepreneurs

What does it mean to be an empath? We all have some level of empathy, but an empath could be briefly described as an intuitive, highly emotionally intelligent person who do not simply perceive the feelings, moods, energies of others, but simply take feel them as her/his own. There are several types of empaths, I don’t want to go into detail here right now because this article isn’t going to be about that, but if you’re interested in the topic, feel free to check it out (You’ll find my recomendations of books, articles, videos at the end of this article).

Not sure you’re an empath? Take this test: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/the-empaths-survival-guide/201812/are-you-empath-take-the-self-assessment-test

If you are also an empath, it is essential for you to work in a job that you can actually enjoy. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re most probably do enjoy it, so you’re already one (huge) step closer to being able to being closer to your true self and not going crazy in the modern world of work, which is a very challenging area for the sensitive. Nevertheless, it is still very easy to exhaust yourself as an empath and get in the state of the so-called compassion fatigue.

Signs (without claim to completeness) that you have burned out or taken too much energy from others (compassion fatigue) and it is time to find your way back to your own feelings:

you are exhausted physically and mentally, you have relationship issues, a hypersensitive reaction to reading / watching the news, obsessive identification with the pain and suffering of others, isolation, lost passion about things that you did passionately, impatience, frustration, escaping into alcohol or other harmful activities

If you experience these, you need to cleanse yourself, and it’s time to turn to yourself – self-care plays a particularly important role in the life of an empath. Let’s see what are the things, rituals, actions, and “tricks” that naturally help you be happier and more balanced in your profession and life as empath.

I divided them into 5 + 1 categories: Self-awareness & Spirituality, Habits, Relationships, Free time, Nutrition + Humor

Self-awareness & Spirituality

Caring for the soul and getting to know ourselves supports self-care, I brought a few examples what are good ways to practice them as empath.


During the exercise, our breathing is deeper and more controlled, and the oxygen-rich air makes you refreshed. We concentrate our minds, as we direct our attention to the practice and breathing, our thoughts calm down. The exercise itself has many beneficial effects, but self-awareness and respiratory regulation deepen the effects, speed up the process and promote self-awareness.


I’ve learned so many beneficial effects of meditation over the last 2-3 years that it would deserve a complete article, but what I bring it up here is that it’s one of the “easiest” and most excellent tools of self-knowledge that doesn’t require anthing but you.

Jaguar meditation

When you feel you need extra protection, this meditation can be a life-saver. Let’s call the jaguar for protection. A jaguar is a wild and strict guard but at the same time is very patient, who is able to keep away toxic energy and people.

In a calm meditative state, call the jaguar from the bottom of your heart for your protection. Feel her presence enter. Then visualize this amazing, powerful creature who protects, patrols your energy field, preserves and prevents any intruders or negative forces that want to get through. Picture this jaguar: beautiful, fierce, loving eyes; slim body; the graceful, purposeful way of the jaguar. Feel safe protecting this jaguar. Picture this jaguar: her beautiful, fierce, loving eyes; sleek body; the graceful, purposeful way the jaguar moves. Feel secure in the circle of this jaguar’s protection.

Be grateful for this for this jaguar. Know that you can call her whenever you need her. Feel the power of that.


In the chaos of everyday life, take a moment to remind yourself how awesome you really are. Here are 6 affirmations that I like to use – and I am pretty sure other empaths should hear them, too.

  1. I am valuable
  2. I’m safe
  3. I make a difference
  4. I am unique
  5. My emotional and energetic boundaries are strong and clear
  6. It’s safe for me to be my true self
  7. I am strong
  8. I’m enough

Simple (but not easy!) exercises like working out, writing a success diary, writing down goals, and saying no will help you sending a message to your soul, “I am the most important,” and making them a habit will help you create a peace of mind.


It sounds simple because of the extremely strong intention to help of the empath nature, even if it is not our occupation, we are happy to talk to others helping them solve their issues. But it is very important to have at least one person in your life to whom you can pour out your soul when you need it, who may be your partner, a close friend, family member or therapist.


Clarify with your circle, that no matter how much you love them, you need to spend time alone on a regular basis.

Visualization during the day

If someone’s energy / emotion is having extreme impact on you, make yourself aware that you can’t give them a continuous place in your mind. As soon as you are left alone, visualize as you evict him/her from your energy field and also physically push his/her energies out of your body.

Animals and plants

If you’re also an empath, the animal and plant life must be a big energy boost for you too. If you are so lucky that you have a pet, play with him/her, take a longer walk with him/her, cuddle. Not only you but him/her will sure be grateful for it. Get some new plants for your home or office, or transplant existing ones, take special care for them. If you can, go on a hike.

Forest Bath

Based on the “invention” of the Japanese, 2-3 hours of time spent in the woods with the phone turned off completely eliminates stress and helps us connect with ourselves.


Not only is our soul sensitive, but so is our body, so what we bring in, is especially important. Pay close attention on how you feel after consuming particular foods / drinks you feel and try to eat as cleanly as possible, free of artificial substances. In the evening, a lemongrass or chamomile tea will help you get relaxed sooner.

Don’t leave your sense of humor at home

It’s very important to learn to handle difficult situations with humor, whether it’s a problematic client or if we might make a mistake. If you take just one advice with you, take this one.